WIGGLER and the Tiny Humans
Charlie’s Hoarse

Oh man, Brantford really knows how to make a band feel welcome. Charlie’s may not look like much on the outside - a facade in a half-empty strip mall. But Nothing Helper, in their wisdom brought us back this year for another round. What’s great about Charlie’s is that its patrons have so much heart and genuine enthusiasm.  Every show we have played there has always struck that chord we crave… that special sweet spot where the audience and band are in tune, feeding back from each other and turning up the heat. Thank you so much for your compliments and encouragement, friends. Without you, that night wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.

A week later, we returned to our beloved This Ain’t Hollywood, in Hamilton, to celebrate three years – THREE YEARS – of the All-Ages Punk Hardcore Sunday Slamfest Matinees. It’s awesome to play for a horde of toddlers who can pull way better dance moves than the big kids at the back.

Next stop? BLR Entertainment has kindly invited us to play for yet another event on August 23rd at Stonewalls, in Hamilton. See you there!

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