WIGGLER and the Tiny Humans
Charlie’s Hoarse

Oh man, Brantford really knows how to make a band feel welcome. Charlie’s may not look like much on the outside - a facade in a half-empty strip mall. But Nothing Helper, in their wisdom brought us back this year for another round. What’s great about Charlie’s is that its patrons have so much heart and genuine enthusiasm.  Every show we have played there has always struck that chord we crave… that special sweet spot where the audience and band are in tune, feeding back from each other and turning up the heat. Thank you so much for your compliments and encouragement, friends. Without you, that night wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.

A week later, we returned to our beloved This Ain’t Hollywood, in Hamilton, to celebrate three years – THREE YEARS – of the All-Ages Punk Hardcore Sunday Slamfest Matinees. It’s awesome to play for a horde of toddlers who can pull way better dance moves than the big kids at the back.

Next stop? BLR Entertainment has kindly invited us to play for yet another event on August 23rd at Stonewalls, in Hamilton. See you there!

Hive Meltdown

What happens when you’re on the road and the local act cancels at the last minute? Some bands would collapse in a puddle of insecurity. Others would turn around and head home, with their tails between their legs. But Wiggler!?! We’re men of our word. When we promise to Bring The Rock To Town, we deliver. We extend our set, split it in two, and set fire to the stage. The new sound tech rewired and tuned the sound system in record time, giving us some of the best sound we have ever had, on-stage and off. Soon we had the regulars on their feet shouting for more. Music was danced to, rounds were paid, and we all had a memorable evening. Thank you, Kitchener! We’ll be back – imagine how great the evening will be with many bands!

Next stop: June 20th, at the Boston Manor in Burlington. We are participating in the Spring Music Festival, opening for the Johnstones, “Canada’s #1 Party Band”. Let them bring the party. We’ll bring the ROCK. See you there!

Laser Sharks!

What a great night we had a the Boston Manor. We played with five other top-notch bands, and the audience was a pleasure to play for. Thank you, Nation of Wiggler, for coming out and showing your support. Your presence helped us secure a set on June 20th in the Summer Music Festival, sponsored by Long & McQuade. More info to come.

Tonight, we’re off to Kitchener to melt The Hive down to a pool of wax and honey. We have been itching to return to the K-W area for a while now, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to do it at last.

What Happened???
There was much consternation on the Internet: wiggler.ca hadn’t been updated in a year! Could the rumours be true? Was Wiggler dead and buried? Of course not. We’re waaay too stubborn and set in our ways to give up now. It’s just that 2013 was too jam-packed with great stuff for us to be bothered with silly things like updating a web site. Those cold tremors you felt a few weeks ago? Just us, practicing!

2013 has been a great year for us. April marked the introduction of TinyBlueHuman’s new upright bass at the Nothing Helper release party, ushering in a whole new dimension to our sound. Another exciting highlight was being invited to play for the Hamilton Zombie Walk after party. Our new selection of ghoulish songs fit the bill nicely. It’s always a pleasure to be involved in this event. The organizers simply pour their hearts into it and that’s what makes Hamilton’s event so great. And finally, how better to end the year than by triggering Hamilton’s record-breaking December 14th snowfall using nothing but the power of rock. Even Mother Nature cowers in fear.

What’s up for 2014? The plan is simple: First of all, record and release a new 4-5 song album in the first half of the year. Then we want to take our show on the road and bring the Human Tornado show to the cities around the Hammer: Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, London, St. Catharines, Toronto, Peterborough (and maybe even Montreal), we have you in our sights, so you had better start reinforcing your windows!
A Scornful Hornful

Nation of Wiggler, a new chapter has been written in the Scriptures of the Unholy Trinity. Our latest EP, Scornucopia, is now available for free download.

We’ll be celebrating its release this evening at This Ain’t Hollywood, in Hamilton. We’ll be opening for the legendary Rezillos, er… I mean, the Rezillos will be playing at OUR after party.

Track 1 is The Kids Aren’t Getting Any Smarter. It’s a “blazingly rockin’” commentary on punk rock bands from the ‘80 still coating on their back catalogues, with lyrical nods to Sage Francis and Talking Heads. Track 2 is “These Aren’t the Drones You’re Looking For”. It’s a tongue-in-cheek satire about what might happen if the U.S. ran out of oil and decided to bring “freedom and liberty” to Canada’s tar sands. Track 3 is “Wiggler !?! Versus You”. Hamilton has some bands that rock really hard, but we rock harder than you do. Especially Adelleda. The EP ends with a much-improved recording of “Threat from the Deep”, which had originally been released on the Destroy all Music compilation earlier this year.

Nation of Wiggler, to your web browsers! Download the tracks! Spread the word! Share the link: http://wiggler.ca/album/scornucopia!

Artwork by Steve Vos of Adelleda and Stay Asleep Bookings

Staying Fresh in the Dog Days of Summer

How do you stay fresh all the time? By being different.

Wiggler !?! has a long history of self reinvention and of bringing the unexpected, and July 1’s Destroy Music compilation launch party at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton, ON was no exception to this rule. The album? 14 solid punk and hardcore bands from the Hamilton scene now available at Hammer City Records. The show? 8 punk rock bands featured on the album, and a special tribute to the late Imants Krumins, Hamilton’s ultimate scene maker.

The Wiggler !?! and the Tiny Humans contribution? Mr! Erik played a solo acoustic set. In its purest form, punk rock is stripped down rock and roll delivered straight from the heart and unfiltered by nuance. This set did exactly that. Mr! Erik bought himself a fedora, borrowed an acoustic guitar from TinyRedHuman and hit the patio for some hollerin’. No mic, no amp, no effects, no antics. Just a guitar, a stool, some sunshine and some good friends.

And something completely unexpected.

The set was remarkably well received, but we weren’t surprised. Every band has a schtick. Ours is writing really good songs and learning to play them really well. The Tiny Humans are on board also, so expect to see the acoustic iteration of Wiggler !?! and the Tiny Humans again soon. Maybe sooner than you expect – the Wiggler !?! Direct Music tour has presented several guerrilla-type acoustic shows this summer already.

Special thanks to Nation of Wiggler !?! citizens Simon Marshall of Adelleda and Stephen Petri of Web Society for leading the sing alongs and for starting the patio pit.

(photo by Kristine Wales, Thunder Magazine)

Happy Birthday to Us

One year ago, on a dark and stormy night, Mr! Erik spilled his last prized can of Jolt into his computer while viewing pictures of a tour gone by. Lo and behold, from the primordigital ooze came the Tiny Humans, armed and ready to expand the borders of the Nation of Wiggler. And what a year it has been - fundraisers, art crawls, tributes, slamfests and good-natured rivalry. What better way to celebrate than to throw together a daring medley of Clash songs to play at the Joe Strummer tribute? The Tiny Humans were out in full force, sporting eyeglass-mounted rayguns that blinded the audience while the Wiggler!?! Human Tornado show did the rest.

The past year has also allowed us to discover a rich and dynamic music scene in Hamilton. It has been an honour to share the stage with Adelleda, Web Society, Rackula, Burnin’ Ethyl, Sexbeast and 2x the Mono (I hope we’re not forgetting anyone), while the passion and dedication of people like Kristine Wales (Thunder! fanzine), Nathaniel Blizzard (Hamilton Punk Contingent on Facebook), and Craig Argyle (Red, White and Argyle on realpunkradio.com) help bring the bands together and allow them to connect with a wider audience.

Let’s not forget the venues, either - This Ain’t Hollywood and the Doors Pub in particular have provided a great deal of support to this growing scene. The Hammer City Records and Crash Landing record stores have also acted as focal points, allowing the bands to sell their CDs, play all ages matin&eactue;es, and get together for the Destroy All Music compilation, due on July 1st (Happy Birthday, Canada… heh heh).

A review of the Hamilton punk rock scene would not be complete without a nod to the Roller Derby community, of which Mr! Erik is a referee.

So here’s to a great year and a new year of stepping it up to the next level. Thanks Hamilton: we’re proud of your grit, your grime and all-out unapologetic honesty, and we hope to see many more years surrounded by such inspiring and passionate people!

Human Tornado Watch!

Weeeellll, we didn’t win the Punk Album of the Year award… but we did it with panache, strutting our Movember Mo’s with the well-earned swagger of a team who raised over $1500 for prostate cancer research. After the awards, we retreated to our subterranean refuge to work on rehearsing five new songs and recording Threat from the Deep.

On February 10th, we will be playing at a birthday bash taking place at the Doors Pub, with Rackula and Web Society. Expect to hear some of our new material as, once again, we bring our axes down on the Hammer.

Punk album of the Year Nomination!!!

Brothers and sisters, Wiggler!?! is proud to announce that “A Kama Sutra of Contrary Positions” has been nominated for the Punk Album of the Year award at the Hamilton Music Awards.

We are both thrilled and honoured… it looks like we have gained enough xp to hit the “Critically Acclaimed” level! On to world domination! Nation of Wiggler, thanks for your continued support!

In other news, last weekend’s Movember fundraiser turned out to be complete pandemonium. Sternums were cracked, glasses were broken, stick-on moustaches were touted and tons of freebies were given away. Congratulations to our air-guitar gladiators! Wear your prizes with pride!

If you couldn’t make it out to the fundraiser but wish to encourage our fuzzy lips, Wiggler’s Movember team (Mo-ggler and the Tiny Follicles) is still collecting donations.

Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, that is a real Emmy in TinyRedHuman’s jacket. Don’t ask…

Test Your Might, er… MO

Brothers and sisters, Movember is nearly upon us. Moustaches are sprouting. Prostate cancer is on the run.

On Movember 5th we will have the pleasure of hosting the first ever Movember MO-Lympic Games at the Doors Pub (56 Hess St., Hamilton). Gentlemen of Hamilton, the gauntlet has been thrown at your feet. You are hereby challenged to test your might at manly feats of strength and skill for prizes and glory. The evening promises to be both entertaining and silly. Admission is free, but participants are encouraged to make donations at the door to Prostate Cancer Canada.

Musical entertainment will be provided by Wiggler!?! and the Tiny Humans, who for one night only shall turn into Mo-ggler and the Tiny Follicles. Adelleda will bring their boundless energy and Burnin’ Ethyl will lend their authentic rockabilly sound to the evening.

Never heard of Movember? It’s only the biggest fundraising and awareness campaign for men’s health in the world! Movember is the month formerly known as November, where men and women across the globe join together to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. Men grow a Mo (Moustache) for 30 days to become walking, talking billboards for our Men’s health causes, specifically prostate cancer. Men who support Movember, called Mo bros, begin by registering at Movember.com. These brave pioneers start Movember 1st clean-shaven, then grow and groom their Mo for the rest of the month, taking pride in the majesty of their moustache. Sounds like fun? Become a Mo-Bro by signing up at movember.com.

Hide Your Children

Wiggler delivered yet another solid show at the Sunday Slamfest III at This Ain’t Hollywood. The all-ages audience, which included members young and old, danced up a storm as the band rocked the stage in their punk-tuation shirts (get it? punk-tuation? har har). Adelleda set the explosives, and Wiggler lit the fuse. Sexbeast bulldozed the debris and Misfortune pulverized the rest with their wall-o-guitars. It was an honour sharing the stage with them. 

Wiggler will soon be hitting the studio to record their new single “Threat From The Deep”, a song about pirates, ninjas and zombies, just in time for Halloween. The band hopes to hit the stage again near the end of October. Sign on to our mailing list to get the latest scoop!

New Merch Giveaway

Brothers and Sisters, Wiggler is due to hit the stage this weekend at the ALL AGES Sunday Slamfest at This Ain’t Hollywood (event info here). This is a great opportunity for the teenage crowd to get out and catch some local talent in a licensed, legal environment.

We need your help to get the word out to our younger brothers and sisters that don’t usually get the chance to join us for our shows, so here’s the deal: if you find us on Twitter (@wigglerrocks), and retweet our tweet about the upcoming all ages show, you will be entered in a draw for a Wiggler Fan Pack, including buttons, stickers, plus a CD and t-shirt of your choice from our new and improved merch table (if you can’t make it to the show, we’ll contact you to figure out alternate arrangements).

Wait, new merch? YES. We are proud to announce a reissue of The Pantload in a snazzy new Digipak sleeve, new stickers and buttons and finally a new t-shirt design featuring the men in ties logo on our web site.

Please keep in mind that we will also be playing on Monday September 26th at the Casbah to raise funds for breast cancer research. If the Slamfest isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps a bottle of beer on Monday night might do the trick.

Wiggler and the Tiny Humans ruin the James St. North Art Crawl

Wiggler ripped it up at This Ain’t Hollywood on Friday for the increasingly popular James St North Art Crawl, in Hamilton. The band played a sweat-drenched, high velocity set that ended with their new song, Threat From the Deep. Wiggler and the Tiny Humans would like to thank the staff at This Ain’t Hollywood for their hospitality, INDI 101 for the DJ set and the other bands (2x the Mono and Corpusse) for being all-round gentlemen.

Wiggler Hits the Pavement, Makes it Beg for Mercy

If you were strolling down by Crash Landing in Hamilton last Saturday, you may have seen Mr! Erik whipping up a solo tornado. Keep your eyes peeled for future outings with the Tiny Humans later this summer!

The Tiny Humans Have Arrived

In a shocking development still being debated by binary enthusiasts, Wiggler channeled the powers of caffeine and mitosis to augment the already devastating Human Tornado Show. TinyRedHuman brings the lightning fast beats, and TinyBlueHuman drives the low end with id-fueled thunder. The new lineup is primed, loaded and eager to unleash an unnatural disaster upon anyone that stands before the stage. Look for them during Hamilton’s Art Crawl, on August 12th, at This Ain’t Hollywood