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August 2019

Tornado Warning!

Nation of Wiggler!?! 

Stand ready for the Wiggler!?! Human Tornado Show! The next sightings are:
 September 7 at the Harmony Lunch to support DCHC and the OneROOF benefit show. The show kicks off at 2:00, and we're up at 7:30pm. Come join us for the marathon of enertainment!

November 24 Wiggler!?! makes a triumphant return to This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton for a reappearance at the legendary Slamfest matinee hosted by Jamie Problem and Hammer City Records. It's an all ages show, but it's also a great excuse to have a pint on a Sunday afternoon.

February 2019

The Juggernaut Keeps Rolling

Nation of Wiggler!?!

The Kittysaver IV show was an unbridled success, so the Wiggler!?! rock'n'roll juggernaut will keep on rolling.

Brother Dave and Brother Nathan keep the rhythm section driving like a well oiled machine, and Mr! Erik keeps the Wiggler!?! Human Tornado Show driving forward.

Stand ready as we raze the bar. We'll treat your paltry PA system like it's a trailer park.

October 2017

Church of Wiggler!?!

Nation of Wiggler!?!

We bought a church.

No really. We bought a church, originally built in 1888 that was deconsecrated and abandoned in 1971, but has since been rebuilt inside with living quarters. It's pretty funky.

The room that houses the equipment has a really warped wooden floor, so Third Nipple World Domination is updating the name of the recording studio. We're retiring "The Launch Pad" that has served us well for 8 of our 10 abums.

The new name is "The Funhaus".